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Leadership & Life Chat - What’s in your stress bucket? With solution-focused psychotherapist, Gin Lalli

Psychotherapist, Gin Lalli, supports people in finding practical solutions for mental fitness when feeling out of control, and how to avoid negative thinking with the aim of limiting your stress. 

Stress is a consequence of negative thinking, and the responses come from the part of your brain that is designed to keep you safe – they were vital for survival in caveman days, but we don’t need them daily in 2024. We can retrain our brains to understand that thoughts and internal chatter are NOT facts. It takes time and commitment, but it is possible.

Gin outlines the scientific role sleep plays in our mental health; how to cope if we don’t get enough sleep; the importance of micro-interactions; what the cause and effect of modern-day stress is and how our cortisol levels really work for and against us.

There’s a lot of polar bear talk, supermarket self-checkout rage, and ‘Producer Lizzie’ even manages to wedge in the psychological benefits of horror films!

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Show notes

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The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

Trevor Moawad

Susan Jeffers – Feel the Fear and do it anyway

Just One Thing – Michael Mosley podcast

Sleep is your superpower – Matt Walker TED Talk

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker

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