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Finance Director

At Larking Gowen, we understand the crucial role a Finance Director (FD) plays in steering a business toward success.

Whether your company has an existing FD who needs additional support or you’re a business without a dedicated finance leader, our outsourced Finance Director services are designed to meet your specific needs.

Support for existing Finance Directors

If your current Finance Director requires additional expertise or you need to scale your financial operations, our experienced team can provide invaluable support. We offer tailored solutions that allow your FD to focus on strategic initiatives while we handle essential financial management tasks.

Services for businesses without a Finance Director

For businesses that don’t have a Finance Director, our outsourced FD service is the perfect solution. We provide the same high level of strategic financial management and oversight without the need to hire a full-time executive. This makes sure your business benefits from expert financial leadership at a fraction of the cost.

Main areas of responsibility for a Finance Director

Our outsourced Finance Director services cover a wide range of responsibilities to ensure your business’s financial health and growth. Key areas include:

Business review/health check

Understand the makeup of your finances, including your turnover and profit by product/service, insight compared to industry or competitors, and analysis of your financial health.

Forecasting and budgeting

Having realistic and measurable targets for the year will help you drive the results you want. Larking Gowen can help you build a robust forecast or budget for the year and provide ongoing support, so you can monitor your progress in achieving your goals.

Exit/succession planning

At some point in your business’ future, it will need to facilitate your exit. Whether the business is passed to family members, existing staff, or an external purchaser, preparing your business well in advance of this time is key to protecting your investment.

Remuneration planning

There are numerous ways to extract remuneration from your business and incentivise your key staff. Effective planning can help you extract value and minimise tax liabilities.

Wider support can include any of the below:

Strategic financial planning: Developing long-term financial strategies aligned with your business goals.

Board meeting input: Regular insight, opinion and analysis at your board meetings.

Cash Flow Management: Monitoring and optimising cash flow to make sure the business can meet its obligations and invest in growth opportunities.

Financial reporting and analysis: Providing accurate and timely financial reports to inform decision-making.

Risk management: Identifying financial risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them.

Funding and investment: Assisting with securing financing and managing investments to support business expansion.

Compliance and governance: Making sure financial practices comply with relevant regulations and best practices.

Benefits of our outsourced Finance Director services

Partnering with Larking Gowen for outsourced FD support offers numerous advantages:

Cost-effective expertise

Gain access to high-level financial expertise without the cost of a full-time executive.


Our services are scalable to meet the changing needs of your business.

Focus on core business

Allow your existing team to concentrate on core operations while we handle the financial management.

Improved decision-making

Benefit from accurate financial data and strategic insights to make informed decisions.

Risk reduction

Proactive risk management to safeguard your business’s financial health.

Enhanced growth

Strategic financial planning and management to support sustainable business growth.

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