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Leadership & Life Chat - It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top – with campaigner and award-winning leader, Nick Jonsson

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains mention of drug addiction, depression and suicide

You might not think this topic applies to you – but it’s a conversation that might be important for someone you love. 

We open the LAST EVER series of the podcast with Mark and Becky chatting to Nick Jonsson in one of our most frank, honest and powerful episodes surrounding the often brutal reality of leadership and its toll. 

Nick opens up about his personal journey with executive loneliness and his own ‘rock bottom’, what led him to seek help, and his path to creating a safe space for senior executives and business owners to discuss their challenges.

Nick is the co-founder and Managing Director of EGN, one of Asia's premier networking organisations, and his path takes him from his native Sweden to Australia and beyond!

Nick is passionate about the need to change the perception of vulnerability and encourages leaders to embrace it as a strength. 

This conversation is a powerful dive into the realities of identity and purpose in the workplace, the impact of isolation on younger generations and the dangers of inflated ego in CEOs and business owners! 

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Show notes
Nick's website
Nick’s book: Executive Loneliness 
USA: Call or text 988 or text TALK to 741741 
Vistage – peer network 
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