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Leadership & Life Chat - How not to be a bad boss, with coach and TEDx speaker Rob Kalwarowsky

This conversation is far from a laugh riot, but is a fascinating insight into the reality of what it’s like for many teams members out there right now working under bad bosses. The stats will blow your mind!

Fearless Organisation Practitioner Rob Kalwarowsky, famous for his speech ‘How to Avoid Becoming an As*hole Boss’; outlines the 6 different destructive leader types:

  • The arrogant or violent boss
  • Abusive narcissist
  • Messy boss
  • Cowardly boss (ghost managers)
  • Passive aggressive boss
  • Passive egocentric boss

Do you recognize yourself as any of these? If so, it might be time to make a change. They seem extreme but Rob outlines the data and research behind how these categories came into the lexicon and how too much stress on teams will result in costs for businesses in the long term.

There’s a demand for the right people needed in businesses, but there’s a disconnect with the overall quality of leadership in businesses across the world – recent trends of quiet quitting and the great resignation are directly tied to specific managers.  Rob believes that his insights can literally help to change your business and the lives of those working with you, forever.

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