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Leadership & Life Chat - Revisiting strength, tenacity and mental fortitude for leaders in 2023

We all face challenges in our lives, but how we choose to react to those challenges is the real secret to mastering and building resilience. We deep dive into learning resilience in the face of adversity, from personal to political, environmental and economic challenges, avoid the pity trap.

‘Stuff’ happens, as Becky politely put it– but how do we deal with it now we’re all facing a new wave of challenges? There’s a lot going on; geo-political, environmental, and economic pressures and worries infringe on all our lives in some way, so Mark wants to revisit resilience. But that’s a bit of a buzz word now, so they work on the peripherals of what this encompasses, looking back on the Locus of Control technique; how you can learn, rather than defend yourself, in tricky situations; and how to avoid pity parties.

They take inspiration from the work of Dr Lucy Hone and psychologist Owen Fitzpatrick.

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Show notes

3 secrets of resilient people – Dr Lucy Hone

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