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Leadership & Life Chat - How powerful is your personal brand? – with leadership architect Mihaela Berciu

Cambridge University graduate Mihaela is a pioneer in personal brand. She discusses embracing teamwork, authenticity and brand, along with new ways to mindfully use social media.

We all have a personal brand, whether we know it or not.

Born in Romania, under a Communist regime, personal brand expert, Mihaela Berciu, faced more than the usual teenage worries. Simply saying the wrong thing would have landed her in a lot of trouble, but, little did she know that this lived experience, of having heightened anxiety over her own behaviour, would lead her into a post-revolutionary world. Mihaela headed to the UK, Cambridge University no less, then hosted her own tv show, and has forged her path to become a pioneer in the introduction of personal brand.  

When you hear the word ‘brand’ you possibly think of a logo, posters, or adverts. In reality, a brand evolves and incorporates every aspect of your business. The traditional ‘corporate brand’ mindset has been a powerful force and often a huge burden for those working under it.

Mihaela chats to Mark and Becky about how empowering your teams to embrace and grow their own personal brand is good for the bigger picture as well as the company brand. Promoting the personalities of your people builds trust with your customers—and authenticity is key. In the current working world, businesses must consider personal brand, particularly if they are reliant on referrals.

The team also discuss how to handle Gen-Z politics entering the workforce, and potential problems with social media; how we can cleanse our past habits and ways of thinking; and why it’s not always good to be a people pleaser.

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Show notes

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