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Leadership & Life Chat - Who do you think you are? Embrace your style with leadership expert Robert Jordan

Author and CEO of InterimExecs, Robert Jordan joins Leadership & Life Chat this week, for a fun and thought-provoking episode on leadership in business

Robert Jordan is the co-author of Right Leader, Right Time: Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning Career and Company. CEO of InterimExecs, he has spent decades working with leading executives in business, narrowing down the four unique styles of leaders that exist in the workplace which result in excellence. He chats to James and Mark about his experience and research, and how the findings in his book can help identify what type of leader we really are, how we can harness the power of this style and reject the aspects that aren’t effective, and learn how to stop wearing multiple hats unnecessarily!

Robert also discusses his time working for Yahoo in its early days, as well as the important role that small business plays in economies and the effectiveness of online support services. He also reflects on famous leaders and the legacies of politicians. In a fun and thought-provoking section not to be missed, he explains which Hollywood characters best demonstrate leadership types!

Robert’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for his work will inspire you back at your desk!

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Show notes:

Book – Right Leader, Right Time
Right leader survey link
Chris Mason on Impromptu Business Chat

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