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Leadership & Life Chat - What does 'dress for success' even mean?

Mark and Becky discuss the relevance of ‘dress for success’, individualism in the workplace, and what workplace dress codes represent in modern society.

We’re back, and avid listeners to the pod will know that Mark loves a challenge, especially when it comes to following rules, and in the first episode of series 3 he discusses the relevance of workplace dress codes and workplace etiquette with our fabulous new co-host Becky Ames.

The lockdowns of 2020 brought about many changes in how we work, least of all what we wear whilst we’re doing it, but has it changed the meaning of ‘dress for success’? Becky and Mark discuss if dress codes even matter anymore, and if they’re in place, what they represent and the expectations, restrictions and pitfalls that can come with them. Should we advocate for more individuality and personality at work? What does ‘dress for success’ really mean? And are you really what you wear…

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