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Leadership & Life Chat - Web3 and what you need to know, with metaverse expert Alison Alexander

Metacampus co-founder Alison Alexander delves into the fascinating world of Web3. Find out how businesses can get started safely, and learn more about NFT's, cryptocurrencies, and the rise of the virtual economy.

You might be wondering, what is Web3? If so, this episode is definitely for you! You might already know what it is, but not fully understand the implications it has for you and your business. Either way, the insights of Metacampus co-founder Alison Alexander, who describes Web3 as the fourth industrial revolution, are not to be missed.

Alison previously held top level roles within local governments, including Director of Children Services, and started her career in the metaverse through Virtual Reality - by creating immersive learning environments to help people understand the realities of others. She’s passionate about educating everyone in what the future of the internet holds, and how we need to get on board, as change is coming.

In this fascinating chat, she breaks down the decentralisation of the internet, a world where the web starts to change our mindset and the rewards that web3 will bring. Basically, we live in web2 where we don’t own anything, not even our own data, it’s all up for sale - but in web3 we’ll have more control and ownership of what we post, and importantly, our data and money.

Alison talks us through the safe avenues that businesses can take to protect themselves and venture into the web3 world now, and explains blockchains, exactly what NFT’s are, how Crypto works, virtual wallets, bitcoin and the responsibility people like herself, and others already working in the metaverse/web3 space have in creating a more environmentally friendly approach to crypto while making the world more inclusive. Her work with Metacampus creates space for people to transform their companies, understand the changes coming in a digestible way, and link new people in the space with investors. This episode is a real game changer, particularly for women breaking out into tech, and small business owners such as artists and those who create their own products.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Crypto is highly volatile – it’s a ‘medium’, NOT money! Please seek advice before making any investment/changes to your business in this area.

Show notes

Contact Alison on Twitter - @AMETAVERSEA


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