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Leadership & Life Chat - To volunteer or not to volunteer? That’s the question. With Voluntary Norfolk

Volunteering and charity work are valuable and often overlooked tools. Voluntary Norfolk discuss how businesses can utilize volunteering through CSR packages to build teamwork and create a healthy and more profitable work environment.

This week, Mark and Becky connect with a local Norfolk organisation, whose insights have global relevance – why businesses should embrace a strong Corporate social responsibility (CSR) package. (And we find out who Mark’s favourite Womble is!)

Voluntary Norfolk connects businesses and charitable organisations, to help businesses meet their community objectives. In previous episodes, Mark and Becky have discussed the change in what younger generations are expecting from employers, and how they now look beyond just salary in job searches. CSR forms a huge part of most company employment packages and is a key part of Employer Brand, our guests this week discuss why volunteering initiatives are a popular offering, and the benefits they bring to the employee, as well as the business. Laura is a Volunteer Coordinator, supporting organisations and matching them to volunteers, and Nicola is a HR Consultant at CBR Business Solutions, who works as a consultant to SME businesses and voluntary social enterprises.

They discuss the opportunities available to people who have had career breaks and are perhaps lacking in confidence and up to date skills, the changes lockdown brought, and they identify the mental health impact that strong CSR packages are proven to bring to the employee, and how this in turn helps to cultivate a healthy and more profitable work environment. They also discuss how hesitant business owners should see volunteering as an opportunity to identify skills in their teams that they were not aware of, and how neutral environments not based on ‘a night out’ can embolden teamwork and unity, all things that are good for business!

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Show notes

Voluntary Norfolk

Evolve Workplace Wellbeing podcast

UEA tool

Institute for Volunteering Research

CBR Solutions

Get Involved Norfolk

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