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Leadership & Life Chat - The Climate Crunch: Why should you care? With net-zero expert Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh

Climate change is the biggest threat to life as we know it, so how does it affect you and your business?

Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh is the author of Climate change and the road to net zero but doesn’t describe himself as an environmentalist; the self-confessed ‘city boy’ simply wants to give the climate change low-down to those people not already sold on it. His book has been described as; “Blowing away the entrenched idea that solving climate change is a trade-off between the economy and environment to reveal why a twenty-year transition to NET-ZERO is a win-win for all on planet Earth”.

Mathew has a science background, which led to a varied career where he worked on improving building energy efficiency, and later with technology trend companies within the investment banking sector. His book describes how energy usage has affected civilisation over the centuries, the problem economists are now facing, and the impact inaction will have on our future. He chats to James and Mark about the path forward including how we need to adapt our personal and business lives, without compromising on quality, and the cost implications.

The team discuss everything from the impact of fossil fuels and what transition plans businesses need to put in place, to the investment opportunities available for businesses. Mathew offers up alternatives and ‘swaps’ that we can all make in our personal lives, and the personal actions we can all take, including buying green, and investing in renewables. He deep dives into how businesses need to lead from the front, and how the UK, as one of the world’s richest economies, needs to take responsibility and act.

There is something for everyone in this episode, whether you’re in the know on climate change, or on the fence. Mathew even has an invaluable tip for how you use your boiler, which is not to be missed!

Show notes:

Mathew’s website -

Mathew’s LinkedIn

Podcast - Cleaning Up – Leadership in an age of climate change

#ENERGYTWITTER –- follow the hashtag to get academic research, news items etc. which are cultivated into streams, and you can gauge the conversation from right and left

Jim Collins – The Hedgehog Concept


Climate change and the road to net zero – Mathew Hampshire-Waugh

Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction – Dan Gardner & Philip E Tetlock


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