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Leadership & Life Chat - Practical guide to de-stressing with Havening Technique expert Tony Burgess

Tony Burgess takes us through an interactive journey this week, as he speaks to Mark and Becky about how Havening techniques can promote a positive mind-set, and reframe our thinking around de-stressing and anxiety, helping us remove one of the biggest obstacles in our personal and professional lives, and improve our personal progress.

Sometimes stress and anxiety can get in the way of our personal or professional progress, but there are a multitude of techniques, therapies, and systems available to help us combat these barriers. One such being the Havening Technique, of which Mark is already a big fan. We welcome expert practitioner, Tony Burgess, to the pod, who gives a ‘hands-on’ practical demonstration of how this application works. Tony shows us how it impacts our brain and can help to change our lens; and relax, stimulate and unburden our minds, making way for a more positive and improved mindset.

You might prefer to watch this episode on YouTube and follow along with the practical demonstration Tony puts Becky through, but, either way, Tony creates a vivid and inspirational mantra we could all benefit from.

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Show notes:


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The complete works of Florence Scovel Shinn


A link to some guiding videos on 'Self Havening' to let go of minor stress and tension in your day:

For anyone who has anything more 'heavy duty' to work on such as clearing the effects of trauma or releasing overwhelming feelings, Tony would recommend working with a certified Havening practitioner. A full list of practitioners globally can be found here:


You can find more episodes from Leadership and Life Chat on our website - click here!



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