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Leadership & Life Chat - Know your worth. How Janet Mui smashed the glass ceiling of wealth management

Janet Mui discusses the realities of diversity, a male dominated industry, handling big money, and the importance of wealth management for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Janet Mui is Head of Market Analysis at RBC Brewin Dolphin, and is top of her game in a male dominated industry. Janet handles over 60 million pounds in investments and is a regular face on news channels commentating on economic issues. Having grown up in China, Janet chats to Mark not just about why wealth management is important for entrepreneurs and business leaders, but also how she had to learn to adapt to British culture in order to ‘make it’.

Janet speaks frankly about her experiences as ‘the only woman in the room’, battling prejudices around ‘diversity hires’ and feeling like she has to prove that she really is the best person for the job.

She believes in the importance of diversity and financial education, discussing how we don’t talk enough about money, or educate young people in how to deal with it.

Janet also chats to Mark about the realities of how you can sleep at night when handling big money, what people get wrong about personal finance, and how not to lose yourself on the way to the top.

Show notes:

You can find Janet on LinkedIn

Visit RBC Brewin Dolphin here

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