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Leadership & Life Chat - Honesty and authenticity in business, with ProspHER founder Serena Fordham

To kick off Mental Health Awareness month we have ProspHER’s founder Serena Fordham to discuss how women can take charge of their careers and mental health, particularly in the age of social media.

TRIGGER WARNING – This episode contains mention of suicide

Not only is Serena’s business journey inspirational, but she’s also doing important work in empowering and supporting women’s mental and career health! Shortly after facing redundancy, Serena founded ProspHER, a business providing training, practical support and mentoring for women in business, with a focus on empowerment and community. 

Serena is a breath of fresh air in her honesty around the challenges women often face in their careers, and how honesty, authenticity and workplace cultures are integral to success – things we know tick all of Mark and Becky’s boxes! They have a fascinating chat about vulnerability, relationship and confidence building, flexible working and the pros and cons of social media and how we consume it.

It's worth listening just to find out how Mark manages to tie Serena’s insights into his leek crop on his allotment…

Check out the work ProspHER do here.

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Show notes

Contact Serena on LinkedIn

HER Funny Business – Serena Fordham


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