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Leadership & Life Chat - Diversity in the workplace with Andy Nicol & Sue Liburd MBE

This week, in the first of their BITESIZE episodes, James and Mark look back on their chat with Andy Nicol and Sue Liburd MBE, and how their conversation on diversity and inclusion is still just as relevant now as it was back in October 2020 on their Impromptu Business Chat series. It is, to date, their second most downloaded episode which further proves that this topic is still so pertinent, especially to business leaders.

We pull out and reflect on some highlights from the original episode and discuss how they are relevant now when considering how to improve our leadership skills. In the clips, we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement; unconscious bias; quotas and tick box exercises within recruitment and development; changing corporate culture; and the value in small incremental changes.

Andy and Sue are from Abstract, an award-winning learning and development company, and both have years of experience in the field of improving diversity, Sue through her award-winning human capital innovation work, and Andy through his years playing Rugby Union, and now as CEO of Abstract.

Show notes:

You can check out the work Abstract does here

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