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Charity FUNDcast: 1. Myth busting

In this special Charity FUNDcast miniseries, Not for Profit specialists, Emma Hayward and Giles Kerkham, will deliver a series of updates for those working in or aspiring to work in the charity sector. Whether looking for technical updates or inspiration, there’ll be something for everyone, covering topics such as AI, myth busting, maximising gift-aid, social enterprise alternatives and more.

In this first episode, not-for-profit experts Emma and Giles discuss the common myths surrounding charities and how to combat them. They address misconceptions about overheads, executive salaries, fundraising spend, tax exemptions, political campaigning, and more. They emphasise the importance of transparency and disclosure in addressing these myths and building public trust. 

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You can find more episodes from this series on our website here.



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