Audit and assurance

‘Audit’ originally meant ‘to listen’. For us, it still does.

Many businesses arrange an audit because they have to, not because they want to. However, we believe that an audit is about more than regulation and compliance. It can also bring real benefit to a business by providing increased assurance on the financial statements for suppliers, lenders, for grant funding and on the basis of valuation for those contemplating a sale.

We provide audit services for a wide range of businesses, from owner-managed business, SMEs, and PLCs through to UK branches of multinationals and stock exchange listed companies. We take the same approach regardless of the size of the client. We listen to your concerns, focus on  risk and make sure all issues are dealt with promptly and effectively. This approach ensures that we can maintain a cost effective and competitive pricing structure for audit and assurance services.

We act for clients reporting in both UK GAAP and IFRS.

If your business is no longer required to have an audit, but you are still interested in the level of assurance that an audit provides, you may wish to retain an audit on a voluntary basis. For those that choose not to retain an audit voluntarily however we can offer an Assurance Review on your year end accounts.

We also provide internal audit services for both public and private sector organisations. If you are interested in obtaining independent assurance on particular key systems and controls within your business, we can provide the support you are looking for. We can carry out reviews to examine the effectiveness of systems and controls in any areas of potential concern. Reviews can be carried out either as part of the annual accounts preparation process, or by carrying out specific testing and review at a time convenient to you.

We will listen to your concerns to understand the needs of stakeholders, explain the audit and assurance options available and provide you with the appropriate report.

For more information or to discuss the various assurance options further, please contact Julie Grimmer on 0845 612 0410 or email her on