Buying or selling a business

Acquiring or disposing of a business is a major event in the life of a firm.

How can we help?

  • Can I sell my business?

    Every business can be sold. The questions are how it will be valued, and who will buy it.

    You may have a management team who can buy you out, you may want to pass your business on to your children (see below) or you may be happy to sell your firm to a third party.

    We can help you with a valuation of your business, and offer advice on finding a suitable buyer.

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  • How can I pass my business on to my children?

    You can simply give it to them, or they can do a family management buyout, so they buy the business from you – with or without bank funding.

    We can advise you on the best and most tax-efficient way to hand over to the next generation.

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  • How can you help me buy a business?

    We can help you value it, so you don’t pay too much, and we can help you assess the risks involved in buying it.

    Our corporate finance team can offer all the advice you need.

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